The intention from an environmental perspective is to create processes that use fewest and local resources and cause less impact.

Our activity model reinforce the relationships between material, people, places, community and environment.

By working with artisans we can witness at first hand the supply chain and the effects that our trade has on them and adjust our work appropriately.

By its nature, local design is rich and diverse, it emerges through the skills and resources of our country Peru, its histories, its people, our taditions and social structures. As designers and vendors we can bridge cultural styles to develop sustainable luxury products that express the traditions of the craftmen and their communities. We work developing handmade designs weaving on traditional looms. Weaving is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of making a fabric. In our mindset we work with a vocabulary of small-scale production, traditional craft techniques, subtle aesthetics and local fibers. It fosters a heightened state of awareness of the design process and its impacts on resources, workers, communites and ecosystems. It prices garments to reflect true costs. It promotes the democratization of fashion.